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From Old Oxman rêrden (to disuss), the inflected form of noun 'rerd' meaning 'discussion, speech', itself Old Oxman rerde, from Old Auregan rerda, itself from Proto-Germanic *razdō originally meaning 'a voice, language or speech'. The sense became more specific in Oxman and was assimilated to a discussion at table, and thus led to the current sense of 'eating altogether, discuss at table'. Cognate with Old English reord (a sound), Old Saxon rarda and Old High German rarta (a sound).


rierde (Weak class 2)

  1. to discuss, especially when eating at table
  2. to eat altogether
  3. to take part of a family dinner


Conjugation of 'rierde'
indicative present preterite
1st person singular rierd rierdte
2nd person singular rierdst rierdtest
3rd person singular rierdth rierdte
plural rierdeth rierdten
subjunctive* present past
singular rierde* rierdte*
plural rierden* rierdten*
imperative present
singular rierd
plural rierdeth
participle present past
*archaic (a)rierdende erierdod